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About the Bowe R. Bergdahl Information Collection

The Bowe R. Bergdahl Information Collection is an archive consisting mostly of news information, gathered primarily from the web, that mentions United States Army Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl.  We are always happy to receive suggestions of published information that could be considered for possible addition to this collection.  We also would very much appreciate receiving notification of any broken links that are discovered herein.  Messages may be be left for the site administrator on the Contact Site Administrator page.

Every effort is made to provide proper attribution to all material archived on this site.  In certain instances, entire articles have been reproduced to protect from possible loss due to future link-rot.  If you are the owner of material that has been posted on this site in a manner that does not comply with your copyright requirements, please let us know at once so that corrective actions can be taken.  Thank you for your consideration.

(We are in the process of building this website. By the end of June 2012, we hope to have collected and archived a significant amount of the available information that is on the internet which is relevant to Bowe Bergdahl’s story.)

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